Resources Reallocation Checklist

Your resources are your key points of  leverage to be  able to serve more customers in  ever-expanding ways. A critical role as the leader of your business is to strategically deploy resources in the optimum manner and to make adjustments over time to stay ahead of competitive pressures and the ever-changing customer expectations. The current dynamic and unprecedented changes require most business owners to make major pivots in resource allocation and potentially how they think about their resources. For some business owners it will be essential for survival, while for others it will open opportunities to thrive in ways not before envisioned.

Check all the resource categories where an adjustment, shift or pivot to how allocated and deployed will increase your business' chances of survival and optimize the extent that your business thrives.

1. Team Members

a.  Responsibilities

b.  Tasks & Activities

c.  Most have talents above and beyond how they are deployed in their current roles...what are the untapped talents of each team member?

2. Current Products & Services Offered

3. Marketing Budget

4 . Owner's Time & Priorities

5 . Owner's Mindset - This is often overlooked by the owner as a critical resource

6 . Cash Position- Cash flow, Payables and Receivables

7. Inventory - Row materials, work in process and finished goods

8. Facilities and Equipment

9. Systems & Processes

10 . Intellectual Property and Know-How

11. Brand Reputation

12 . Current and Past client base lists

13 . Prospects & Database Platforms

14 . Strategic Partners & Referral Sources