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Lee Gray
200 N Broadway
Ste 450-C
Orpheum Office Center
KS, 67202
United States
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Our Vision: The Difference We Aim To Make – Our “Why”…


“Abundance Through Business Re-Education”



Our Indicator of the Developmental Level of a Business person – in terms of outlook and behavior:


The Entrepreneur’s Ladder: Entrepreneur / Investor / Owner / Manager /Self-Employed /Employee / Student



Our Indicator of the Functional Development of a Business:


The 6 Steps to Massive Results











Our Coaching Process


Alignment: Business Owner’s direction with their Life/Balance Partners direction, aligning their Business Goals to deliver their Personal Goals


Action Plan: 12 to 14 Priority Strategies which will develop the business according to the level of 6 steps needed to deliver business goals


Regular Schedule Coaching Sessions: To set action steps which week by week lead to completing the Strategies in the Action Plan, reviewing key performance indicators and bringing support and accountability around completion of tasks





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